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Manufactured with 70,000 PSI tensile strength, Sioux Steel commercial tanks offer..

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Sioux Steel hopper silos are most advantageous as silo clean out and lower material..

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About our Company:

Founded in South Dakota, USA in 1918, Sioux Steel Company is now in its fourth generation as a family-owned company. Our mission is not only to satisfy our customers, but we want them to be delighted to do business with us. Whether your order for Sioux products is large or small, frequent or occasional, we feel a definite obligation to provide you with high-quality products and outstanding service.

 “Founded Over 100 Years Ago, Our Mission Continues To Be “Your Complete Satisfaction As A Customer Is Our Best Advertisement"

Why Sioux Steel:

Side Wall Strength:

Manufactured with 70,000 PSI (483 N/MM2) tensile and 55,000 PSI (380 N/MM2) Yield strength steel, Sioux Steel commercial tanks offer the ultimate in vertical strength. Plus, advanced analysis software allows engineers the ability to measures critical stress points throughout.

Ease Of Construction:

Combining 44 inch sheets and 3 roof panes per single sheet lessens the demand for bolts, nuts and washers which, in turn, lower time and erection costs. 4” wide corrugation provides more vertical strengths and less resistance to flow than 2.66” corrugation.

High Quality Fasteners:

We use high quality grade 8.2 bolts with self-sealing washers, insuring integrity and lasting rust protection. We utilize 7/16” hardware in all wall sheet seams and at all stiffener to wall sheet connections. 7/16” fasteners are 36% stronger than 3/8".

Wind Rings:

External pressure from wind forces is accounted for through the installation of wind rings which reinforce the sidewalls Design and quality of wind rings are determined by diameter and height of bin to adequately handle the external forces of wind.

Strongest Stiffener Splice In The Industry:

Stiffener splices are an important feature on a grain bin. They ensure that the large vertical loads are transferred properly between stiffener sections. SIOUX bins use both an insert and two back plates at stiffener splices. These two features ensure that bypassing does not occur.

Strongest Roof In The Market Today:

Cover your investment with the industry’s best roof system. Sioux Steel roof structures that are designed for 35,000 lbs and heavier peak loads have galvanized back to back “C” channels for ultimate strength. The large flat tops, varying in diameter from 5’ to 12’, allows for easy catwalk connections. This design results in easy roof construction.

Tested and Proven product range, high quality product backed with 5 year warranty and superior after Sales Support is our USP.