Sioux Steel


Manufactured with 70,000 PSI tensile strength, Sioux Steel commercial tanks offer the ultimate in vertical strength. Plus, advanced analysis software allows engineers the ability to measure critical stress point throughout.

132’ Commercial Grain Bin Sioux Steel Holds Over 1 Million Bushels! Not only does the new 132' grain bin hold over 1 million bushels of grain, but has a roof that supports 35,000 lbs. of peak load, plus 65,000 lbs. of wind and unbalanced snow load. To show just how strong the roof really is, the employees of Sioux Steel Company came together to stand on a platform that was hung from the roof of the bin. The employees wanted to show, literally, that they not only stand behind the products that they build, but they will stand under them.

Bin Accessories

Choose from a range of accessories to enhance the use and functionality of your commercial bin.

• Bucket Elevators
• Conveyors
• Cage & Ladder Systems
• Catwalks & Towers
• Grain Dryers
• Peak Walk-Arounds
• Roof Exhausters
• Roof Stairs
• Stairways

Roof Construction

Our roof has reached new heights. High capacity fill equipment, wind and snow place a variety of loads on a bin roof. Strategic purlin placement between the roof rafters results in a strong and efficient roof substructure. Combining a solid substructure with deep ribbed panels creates a roof with unparalleled performance against the elements.

Wind Rings

External pressure from wind forces is accounted for through the installation of wind rings which reinforce the sidewalls. Design and quantity of wind rings are determined by diameter and height of bin to adequately handle the external forces of wind.

Anchor System and Shims

The foot and shim system on the Sioux Steel commercial bin ensures stability and even distribution of weight. Together they form a firm and permanent foundation with maximum strength.

Roof Connectors

Horizontal forces from the roof are resisted entirely by tension plates/members. Rafter connectors transfer the vertical forces from the roof directly to the sidewall stiffeners and ultimately to the concrete foundation. These load paths minimize sidewall stress.

4” Corrugation

Combining 44 inch sheets and 3 roof panels per single sheet lessens the demand for bolts, nuts and washers which, in turn, lowers weight and erection costs. 4” wide corrugation provides more vertical strength and less resistance to flow than 2.66” corrugation.

Access Doors

Doors are strategically placed, depending on the diameter and height of the bin, for maximum integrity and strength. All feature tieless inside panels, secure latching and a large 36” x 27” opening.

Axial Fans

Airflow is increased by not allowing air to blow back through the blade and the housing for greater efficiency.

Centrifugal Fans

Manufactured with heavy 11 gauge side rails, centrifigual fans have less vibration, adding to the longevity of this fan.


Installed on bin in either direction. A step, 20” wide, is mounted 6” from the bin wall producing a 26” wide walkway. Stair, intermediate, twin, ladder or end platforms are available.