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The DSH - award winning Dust Suppression Hopper (loading spout) is installed under a feed pointwhere it can be suspended above the target and kept at operating level. A small degree of natural agitation as the loading hopper is filled helps exclude air from the material being transferred. At the point of loading, the DSH dust suppression system concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a moving solid column through free air into any target repository including, ships, trucks, railcars, stock piles, storages containers or bags. Uncomplicated to install and easy to operate and maintain, the DSH dust suppression loading spout reduces hazards, health risks, dust, wastage, cleaning and maintenance costs and increases storage capacity.

DSH System Construction Materials

You can specify the construction material of each DSH system to suit your requirements, which could be any of the following but not limited to this list:
  • Polyethylene and Nylon rotational moulded hoppers to cover most applications,
  • Steel and 304 stainless steel hoppers for warm or abrasive products and
  • 316 Stainless steel hoppers for food grade and corrosive situations
  • Steel examples are Electro Galvanised, Mild Steel, Corten, Hardox etc.

  • What makes the DSH System unique?

  • Easy to install with minor interruption to production.
  • Minimal reconfiguration required for installation.
  • Exceptional support and customer service.
  • Award winning, patented product.
  • Standard model has no internal moving parts.
  • Variety of sizes available to suit customer’s unique requirements.
  • Supported by an innovative, progressive distribution network.

  • Savings & Benefits

  • Standard model uses no utilities and has no internal moving parts.
  • Minimal reconfiguration required for installation.
  • Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Dust contained - reduce dust disposal costs.
  • Relocate or turn off dust extraction.
  • Reduce storage expenses - increase capacity - less air = more product.
  • Faster, cleaner truck and rail car loading - continuous loading per vehicle.
  • Load stockpiles cleanly - better angle of repose = greater storage ability.

  • Engineered Solutions

    DSH Systems will analyze your requirements, your existing loading facilities and will provide the best dust reduction solution for your environment. Site specific engineering may be required to suit your requirements. To date customization has included features such as steel or fabric filter covers, dust socks (with or without covers), custom-made springs and frames. If your site does not fit our standard products we will endeavour to engineer a solution that works for your application.

    Dust generation by direct feed from conveyor belt. Particle breakaway at the edge of the feed causes high volumes of dust.
    With DSH systems, there is no dust generation on impact. Radial flow occurs away from the impact point.

    System Models

    The standard model requires no utilities and has no internal moving parts. • The PFC model (Positional Feed Control) has a computerized discharge rate control system for products with different specific gravities; thus allowing the load-out of various materials on the same conveyor. • The Tardis system consists of a steel cover which fits over the standard DSH hopper. This unit basically works as an interface between the standard DSH hopper and the customer’s existing feed system.

    System Applications

    The DSH System hoppers are used to reduce dust while transferring dry, granular, free flowing products. The hoppers are used for bulk loading fertilizers, stock foods, meals and pellets, wheat, barley, sugars, some limes, salt, sand and gravel. If your product is not on this list, please contact us and we can arrange to trial it for you. Used under a central feed point while bulk loading into any target repository including trucks, rail cars, storage containers, bags, stock piles, ships or barges.