Sioux Steel


Sioux Steel Farm Storage Grain Systems protect grain from all weather conditions. The strong roof stands up to northern snow loads and high winds. Sioux Grain Systems keep grain fresh and in condition for years. Sioux Steel offers the longest warranty in the industry on farm bins. Our 10 year warranty comes standard on every farm bin. Plus, there is no additional cost for this feature. You get a great quality bin with a warranty that is the longest in the industry, giving you peace of mind. Sioux Steel stands behind its products and wants you to have the best possible experience.

64 lb/bushel Bins
Sioux Steel Bins are the only bins in the industry designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel! The industry standard is just 60 lb/bushel.

Features :
  • Includes both Farm Bins & Commercial Bins.
  • Farm Bin roofs feature peak load ratings up to 8,000 lbs.
  • Designed for free flowing grains up to 56 lbs/ft3 (60.5 lbs/ft3 including compaction).
  • Stiffened bins continue to feature 2 to 3 stiffeners per side wall sheet.

  • Hooded Roof Vents

    The steel or poly roof vent has a wide 18” x 18” inlet area for free air movement. Lap over design on the steel roof vent prevents leakage of moisture and condensation.

    Compression Rings

    On bins 24’ to 48’ in diameter, compression rings with locking collars crown the roof for added strength. Every Sioux bin comes with the optimum number of rings.

    Solid Tieless Walk-In Door

    Truly a walk-in door with no cross ties. Clear span opening allows anyone to walk in and out without having to crawl or unbolt any parts.


    The strongest roofs available! Our roofs stand up to high winds and northern snow loads, while protecting grain year round, keeping it fresh and in condition for years.

    32-Degree Roof Slope

    The 32-degree slope sheds moisture fast, both inside and outside of the panels.

    Roof Ribs and Roof Edge

    The roof ribs are deep, double-thick, overlapping and interlocked. The roof edge is rolled 340 degrees to stiffen panel edges and stand up to hard Midwest winds and reduce vibration that may cause failure. Sioux Steel’s roofs are time tested and proven to be strong and durable throughout the years.

    Ladder & Cage System

    Manufactured from sturdy, galvanized steel tube that fit the bin side wall with each ring. An economical way to gain access to the roof of the bin while keeping your safety in mind.

    Floor & Floor Support System

    Designed to develop equal air pressure under the entire floor surface, floor supports are available in 20, 18 or 16 gauge, galvanized steel formed with ten vertical ribs to support grain depths up to 37 feet.


    Installed on bin in either direction. A step, 20” wide, is mounted 6” from the bin wall producing a 26” wide walkway. Stair, intermediate, twin, ladder or end platforms are available.

    Power Sweep

    Posi-shift style power sweep system uses internally engaged gear box to eliminate moving parts and chain drive. Available in 8 and 10 inch sizes for all bin diameters.

    LJI Floor Support System

    LJI Floor Supports provide:
    1) Strength per square foot of floor
    2) Unobstructed air movement
    3) Ease of erection and stability


    The aerodynamically engineered “channel-flow” shape delivers air between the fan and bin plenum. Multiple sizes fit every size fan and heater.

    Springland U Trough Power Sweep.

    High capacity unloading with 5000-6000 BPH unloading capacity. Elevator style paddle type sweep wheel keeps sweep arm moving in tough unloading conditions. Easily installed under standard height drying and aeration floor systems.

    Centrifugal Fans

    Adjustable legs on these quiet fans allow for easy leveling and support while giving more flexibility for adjusting to inconsistencies in a concrete pad.

    Axial Fans

    Airflow is increased by not allowing air to blow back through the blade and the housing for greater efficiency.