Sioux Steel


The FlexStor bag is made from 100% prime polyethylene material and NO reprocessed or recycled material. Using the prime polyethylene will increase the puncture resistance which will help limit stubble from protruding on the bottom of the bag as well as, help when birds, raccoons and rodents try to dig into the material. Impact of this bag is good for hail or anything else that would be a dropped force on the bag. If something should puncture or tear the bag, the 100% prime polyethylene fights that from elongating the hole. When unloading the bag, having a material that has poor tear values from using reprocessed or recycled material can result in a zipper effect, where a small tear continues down the length of the bag when it is unloading.
The tensile strength of the bag with the 100% prime polyethylene is very important during the filling process. With all of the weight in the bag from the grain and the material deploying off the machine, there is a significant amount of force on the bag material. FlexStor bags will stretch when competitor’s bags, which use reprocessed or recycled material, are more likely to tear.

  • * High capacity 8’ X 8’ detachable overhead fill hopper with grain splash sides.
  • * 20 inch diameter dynamically balanced discharge auger.
  • * 10 ½ foot diameter X 9 mil thick high strength plastic storage bags
  • * 12.5” L – 16.5” 12 ply NHS traction tires.
  • * Large ¾ inch elastic rope bag tensioning system with spring latch mounting locks.
  • * Easily adjustable hydraulic brake manifold with pressure gauge.

  • * HAnti-Slip Walkways
  • * High Pressure Disk Brakes
  • * Roller Thrust Bearing
  • * Side Shields & Bag Tray
  • * Hydraulic Lift System
  • * Grain Sealing Between Bag & Machine
  • * 8000# Rated Trailer Axle With Heavy Duty Eight Bolt Wheel Hubs
  • * Tubular Welded Side Shields