Sioux Steel

Intellifan System

The Intellifan System, is grain storage technology at its best. Intellifan provides smart control for aeration & grain conditioning. The FC200a is part of the Intellifan brand of controllers, and is automated grain aeration at its best. Intellifan® provides smart control for natural air drying process, and aeration management. The Intellifan system is both scale-able and affordable, making it the right fit for any size operation. With automated monitoring and control of all site equipment (i.e. fans and heaters), Intellifan® is the best way to manage the quality your grain.


  • The FC200a economically provides both small and large operations the benefit of sophisticated automation otherwise associated with high-dollar systems.

  • Fully automates fan operation during harvest cooldown, spring and fall natural air drying, and winter storage maintenance- with or without supplement heat.

  • Tell the FC200a where your grain is at (current moisture content), and then tell it where you want your grain to be (target moisture content), and sit back. Helps monitor weather & minimizes time on site.

  • "New aeration control systems, like this one, will allow more producers, both large and small, to better manage the quality of their grain and seeds during storage. The affordability will ensure the accessibility of the control system to everyone...It’s a simple but very effective and reliable way of controlling the operation of the fans.” - Dr. Carol Jones, Oklahoma State University, Professor                                                                                                                                         (Stored Products Engineering).