Sioux Steel

Livestock Solutions

Cattle Guards

Sioux Steel Cattle Guards allow easy access to farm and ranch land by eliminating the need for gates. Cattle guards give open access but keep livestock inside. All cattle guards are constructed with heavy wall steel pipe and heavy duty thick steel channels. All ends of the cattle guards are capped to prevent rust. Wings and boxed cattle guards are available with all sizes.

  • Boxed Cattle Guards
  • Cattle Guards With Wings
  • Flat Cattle Guards
  • Cattle Guard With Removable Box
  • Calving Pen

    Most user-friendly calving pen on the market! Cattlemen from all over the country say they would not be without our Sioux gold quality calving pen care center ever again. Our highly-engineered heavy-duty framework consisting of 360° miter cut reinforcing corner members and 4x4 weld architecture make this the most popular pen on the market today. Sioux Steel’s calving pen fits well in just about any barn setup or working facility.


    Sioux Steel offeres a number of feeder options for your livestock needs. From our Hay Max Feeders to new products such as our Poly Hay Feeders.

    Mini & Bulk Feed Bins

    As a result of high energy costs and the desire to lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, the corn heating industry has expanded rapidly in the past few years. Heating with corn is an excellent alternative to the traditional heating methods of natural gas, propane, and electricity.


    Sioux Steel offeres a number of fencing options for your livestock needs. All specifications are subject to change or improvement without notice. Contact Sioux Steel for information on delivery and fuel surcharges.


    Our Fuel Storage Systems are tanks used for the storage and dispensing of diesel, aqueous urea solution and waste oil. Our Systems are self-contained and are weather tight with a lockable access door. The Dispensing Stations are also equipped with electric pumps & digital flow meters for ease of operation.


    Sioux Steel now has 6 featured gates that come with Lifetime Guarantees standard!

  • 2" Victory and 2" Victory Tall
  • 2" HiCountry Heavy Duty, Cattleman's and Super Six

    Designed to feed both hay and grain.

  • Wrangler Horse Stalls
  • Optional Swing-Out Feeder
  • Optional Drop-Down Window
  • Panels

    Sioux Steel has number of panels option which meet your requirement. Sioux Steel manufacture high durable and long life panels and most of our customers are highly satisfied with the panels quality.
    Sioux Steel provides Medium Duty Corral Panel, Slant Bar Feeder Panels, 1.66” Maverick Lightweight Corral Panels, 1.5” Range Panels, 2.0” HD Corral Panels - 6 Rail, Z-Bar Feeder Panels, 1.66” Victory Cattle Panels, 1.66 Maverick Wildlife Panel, and 2.0” HD Corral Panels - 5 Rail.


  • Demo old fence with ease with this state-of-the-art skid steer post puller attachment. From 1” in diameter posts to railroad ties, this puller can handle it.
  • Add the pounding hammer to the puller and you have a combined unit that does both. Tear out and build fence with the same attachment!


    Sioux Steel offeres a number of watering options for your livestock needs. From our Stock Tanks to new products such as our Mira Fountain Waterers. Click the images below to learn more about each one.


    Sioux Steel offeres a number of working equipment options for your livestock needs. We know you work hard and your working equipment should work just as hard. With Sioux Steel's tough, durable working equipment you get the depandability you rely upon.